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Note 3 Screen Repair Tutorial

Note 3 Screen Repair Tutorial


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Repair Tutorial


This Tutorial has been divided into 3 parts for better understanding. 

1.    Phone Disassembly (To Separate Screen)

2.    Separating Broken Glass

3.    Bonding New Glass


Part 1: Phone Disassembly



Part 2: Separating the Broken Glass . 

This video tutorial shows the screen repair process for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It is important to mention that the composition of Samsung Note 2 and Note 3 is very much same therefore repair process would also be same.



Keep 2 simple rules in your mind at this stage


Some Tips:


Digital thermo-meter (used in this video) is NOT necessary. You can use finger tips of your left hand while holding the hot air gun or hair dryer in your right hand. Heat up the screen to a level where you could not place your finger tips on it for more than 1-2 seconds. If you feel that it is still hard to insert the card between the broken glass and screen, give some more heat. Avoid using power here and don’t heat it up to its boiling point. The broken glass would start coming off. Completely remove it and then clean the screen with the help of the glue remover provided. Now we will bond new glass on the screen.


Part 3: Bonding New Glass

To get the best possible display results, UV glue is used to bond the new glass on the screen. The UV glue is applied in a particular pattern on the screen. There are a number of different patterns however we have shown the best one below, based on our experience. Here don't forget to remove bubbles or dust particles from the glue or screen, if any. See these images;



Drying the UV Glue

Our UV glue can be dried in sunlight. Approximate time is 45 minutes. Alternatively UV torch can be used .With UV Light, Drying time of the UV glue is around 10-15 minutes. 


Thanks for Watching

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