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Nexus 5 Screen Repair Tutorial

Nexus 5 Screen Repair Tutorial





This is an excellent video of NEXUS 4 Digitizer repair however same technique would be used for nexus 5. However before you watch the video, please read following points;

1.    You have to be patient. Avoid force at all costs. Force is used in cases when the glass temperature comes down causing the old melted glue to dry again so as a result you exert power. In such situations be patient and heat again and keep inserting the card. The glass would come off. 

2.    You do not need to disassemble the phone since Nexus 5 glass has no flex ribbon that you need to detach ( which is a must in Nexus 4 Only).

3.    You have to have a hot air gun or a hair dryer to do this job. Use the tips of your left hand fingers to feel temperature while holding the hot air gun in right hand. Start heating the screen from top and heat it to a point where you can’t place your fingers for no more than 1-2 seconds

4. Once you remove the glass, use the cleaner to clean the screen. Don’t use it too much on the edges of the screen because it can penetrate into the back light paper so be careful at edges

5.    Once its clean dry it off with lint free clothes and we strongly recommend NOT to use glue in this screen because Nexus 5 screen has back light module (Basically shinny white papers for glow in display) and glue easily penetrates into those paper and when you will turn on the lcd you will see glue blots in the back of the display so AVOID UV GLUE in this repair.

6.  Put the pink adhesive on the border thoroughly It has 2 covering layers, 1st please peel off one layer, stick it over the frame thoroughly and then â€‹peel off the other layer. Tape would stay on the frame.Stick the glass on it and its ready . Note that the touch function in nexus 5 is in the LCD and not in the outer glass.




Disclaimer: This is a sensitive glass repair. We recommend you watch the video carefully before deciding to buy the item. We take no responsibility in case any damage occurs to your lcd during repairs.


Thanks For Watching



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